From Seed to Table will take you on a journey from your first organic vegetable garden to a stocked larder and pantry, full of jewels of summer.

Take back control of the food you put on your table. Gain independence from the grocery store and build resilience through this joyful act of rebellion.

Farmer Stacey

Hi, I’m Farmer Stacey

For nearly 20 years I've been growing and preserving my own food - on my apartment balcony, my urban front yard and for the past 10 years here on our farm.

I've also been lucky enough to have been entrusted with generations of wisdom on preserving the harvest from my husband's mother and grandmother - both honest-to-goodness farm gals whose collective treasure trove of memorized recipes still leaves me in awe.

Join me and together we'll have some laughs, make a mess and reclaim our dinner tables, one seed, one plant and one kick-ass jar of pickles at a time.

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